3 Thing that Don't Come Back

Islam sunni agamaku - There are many in this life that will not reapeated again. 3 things that dont come back by islam sunni agamaku : 

3 Thing that Don't Come Back
Some say that time is precious and that time is always missing. Day after day keeps changing, hour by hour, second by second. What you do today is very important for your future. Respect your time as much as possible. Because remember when this pass is gone will not come back again. And everyone in this world. It only has 24 hours every day. Maximize to create precious moments with the people you love.
Words that have been spoken will not be eliminated again. If anyone says your mouth is your tiger what it says is impacting, there is a positive impact and there is a negative and careful with what you say, lest you say it can hurt or knock someone else. What you sow is also what you reap. but nowadays not only your tiger's mouth, but often your finger is your tiger. Sometimes it's not just words spoken but also written words. Tapikan today we can say through social media so be careful with words. Words should be strengthening rather than dropping.
each person's chances vary. And whenever there is a chance you have 2 choices, you can pick it up or you can throw it away. Not that the opportunity is always taken but you regret in the future consider the best and use as much as possible. Remember these 3 thing that don't come back.
The first time, the second the words and the third chance.
Hopefully with today you can wake up and you can optimize the 3 things you have today.

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